Lesson 1

Here are six photos I took of Rohan today. Out of the 20 or so pictures I shot, these were the only ones that weren’t:
a. blurry
b. the back of his head
c. had an object in front of his face
d. just all round bad

There are still blurry bits (especially the last one – I know, but I really liked the expression on his face!) and aren’t great, but I’m not completely embarrassed to post ’em.  The first picture was underexposed so I used the Raw editor to lighten it.  It still looks pretty dark.  I had to crop the fifth one since I had a big chunk of a wall to the left.

Things I learned:
a. slow down
b. back of head shots aren’t as cute as I think they are
c. wash kid’s face prior to taking pictures – maybe a clean shirt would be nice
d. turn camera to get both portrait and landscape pictures
Camera stats:
Exposure Mode – Auto
Focal Length – 50.0 mm
Lens – 50.0 mm f/1.8
(Basically, my husband put it on “P” and looked at a few things to make sure I could shoot some pictures. I’ll ask him if I should add more data to the above so I can track what works and what doesn’t.)


EDIT: Mike says we will increase the ISO to 400 and shoot in “A” at f/2.8 for the next round


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