Saturday Night

I think the role of parenthood has dulled my memory.  I know I used to go out every weekend – Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I’d go down to the Trop, sometimes with my sister, sometimes alone.  Sunday afternoons I’d be at the Fish, and I’d go grab a quick drink at the Fox on Monday just to celebrate the fact that I showed up to work that day.  But the details are all a blur.  And I SWEAR I didn’t get drunk every time I went out!  Who could live like that?

Well, it’s Saturday night.  The Trop has been closed for at least six years, the Red Fox has just changed owners, and I never recognize anyone at the Fish when I peek in while passing by  – usually pushing Rohan in the stroller.  This month marks the 7th anniversay of meeting Mike.   I still can’t believe he continued to date me after getting to know me my crazy ways. 

Now I’m sitting in our glider(!), spilling a martini Mike made me down my shirt and posting on a blog while Rohan is sleeping.

Seven years.  Awesome.


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