Rohan Laughs

January 3, 2009

Too funny – note the martini shaker and beer bottle . . .

Video of Rohan laughing


Lesson 1

January 1, 2009

Here are six photos I took of Rohan today. Out of the 20 or so pictures I shot, these were the only ones that weren’t:
a. blurry
b. the back of his head
c. had an object in front of his face
d. just all round bad

There are still blurry bits (especially the last one – I know, but I really liked the expression on his face!) and aren’t great, but I’m not completely embarrassed to post ’em.  The first picture was underexposed so I used the Raw editor to lighten it.  It still looks pretty dark.  I had to crop the fifth one since I had a big chunk of a wall to the left.

Things I learned:
a. slow down
b. back of head shots aren’t as cute as I think they are
c. wash kid’s face prior to taking pictures – maybe a clean shirt would be nice
d. turn camera to get both portrait and landscape pictures
Camera stats:
Exposure Mode – Auto
Focal Length – 50.0 mm
Lens – 50.0 mm f/1.8
(Basically, my husband put it on “P” and looked at a few things to make sure I could shoot some pictures. I’ll ask him if I should add more data to the above so I can track what works and what doesn’t.)


EDIT: Mike says we will increase the ISO to 400 and shoot in “A” at f/2.8 for the next round

And so it begins (?)

December 30, 2008

OK – first post.  So intimidating.

What I’d like to accomplish with this blog:

1. Keep journal of Rohan – he’s two days shy of 11 months old and things are fuzzy.  Did he get his first tooth at 6 months or seven?  Five?  Does it even matter?  The cute things he does are fuzzy, too.

2. Start a record of my progress in learning how to use my husband’s D70.  I’d like to be able to help him with his biz, and I’d also like to stop asking him “will you take a picture of  (fill in the blank)?”

3. Figure out how to market myself as a web designer.  Do I even want to do that?  Not sure.  I am certainly not at a professional level yet, but maybe by working it out in my head by writing it down I will figure out if this is the direction I want to go.

4. Random musings (like all other blogs!).

That’s it for now.  I’ll figure it out as I go.