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September 1, 2009

Mike and I are going in today for an ultrasound – 21 weeks! We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to wait to find out the sex of the baby until he/she pops out, but I know I’m going to be tempted to find out when I’m in there!

I know that in the long run it doesn’t matter when we find out, and I’ll probably feel silly later, but right now it adds a bit of excitement to this pregnancy. With Rohan, everything was new and so I feel like this one is getting shortchanged already!

Meh – we’ll see if I can stay strong.


Can’t Think of a Title For This One

February 20, 2009

So two of my sisters have discovered my leetle blog.  Shit.  Now I’ll have to watch my language.  I actually have the URL (should I say web address or does everyone know what a URL is by now?) on my Facebook page, but haven’t really said anything about it.  I don’t particularly want to pimp my site (just yet), but I’m cool with people reading it.  I think I’m fascinating, at least.  And pretty much everyone that knows me knows that I think that, too.

Let’s see – updates.   Hmmm. . . I’m definitely one of those people that thinks, “Ooh! That would be interesting to write about!  I’ll have to put it in my blog!”  but then promptly forgets what it was.

The weather has been nice the past few days, so I’ve been able to go to the park with Rohan.  We usually meet up with Cecily and Casen, but will go even if they can’t make it.  I try to be really friendly with all the moms and dads at the park because one day I’ll need more babysitters!  No, really, it’s just nice to talk to the adults.   But more importantly, I love the kids.

There are a number of babies (toddlers) that are right around Rohan’s age that I love to see.  It’s cool to compare and contrast development, and reassuring to see that my kid isn’t falling behind.  There is a pair of twins that go to the park that I absolutely adore – I couldn’t tell you the names of their mom and dad and grandma, but I rush right over whenever I see them.  I am such a big dork.  It’s like I have this little mushy part inside of me that love love loves babies that I never knew about.  I knew I liked kids, but I now have this overwhelming joy when I see a baby. 

So Rohan is walking really well – mostly walking instead of mostly falling.  He’s lost most of the Frankenstein movements he had at the beginning.  He loves to be chased, and can walk up the slide.  I guess it’s against playground protocol to let your child walk up the slide, but I can’t help being so proud of my little monkey!  I’m also really bad about shoes. 

The other kids always have good, sturdy, weather-appropriate shoes on, but I don’t make Rohan wear shoes for very long (unless it’s really cold).  I kinda feel like an asshole, but I get over it fairly quickly.  One snarky mom at a park I don’t go to regularly up in Talega commented about Rohan dressed “only in his short sleeves” a week or so back.  So I glanced (yeah right – like I’m ever that subtle) – I mean gawked – around the park and all the kids had on jackets and hats and shoes.  OK people – we live in Southern California.  The sun was out, I was wearing my flips, and it just wasn’t cold.  Rohan was even wearing his shoes for once!  We left that park shortly thereafter and went to my beloved Linda Lane.

Of course, I put a jacket on Rohan.

So, cool site alert (it was on Crabmommy‘s blog today, I can’t take credit for finding it):  It creates a picture out of words from any website.  Here’s mine:
Wordle: Rohan's Mom

My baby is a toddler

February 3, 2009

So many things happened in this past week: Rohan started walking and clapping, has FOUR NEW TEETH (total of 12!) and turned one.

We had a party for him on Saturday. Bunch of family and friends came by, Rohan put out the candle with his hand, and shat delightfully green crayons the next day. Note to self: 1) babies and fire don’t mix and 2) don’t leave your kid with childless friends and expect them to know that just because crayons are not toxic doesn’t make them edible. Good times.

Mike and I had made the cupcakes the night before the party, and I frosted them in the morning:


And since Rohan wasn’t able to fully enjoy his cupcake at his party, he got one for breakfast on his birthday:


. . . and another one before bed. His dad took those pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine cupcake bits (chunks) on his collar, twice as much chocolate on his face, and bits of cake in his hair.

This year has been the shortest of my life.

Saturday Night

January 10, 2009

I think the role of parenthood has dulled my memory.  I know I used to go out every weekend – Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I’d go down to the Trop, sometimes with my sister, sometimes alone.  Sunday afternoons I’d be at the Fish, and I’d go grab a quick drink at the Fox on Monday just to celebrate the fact that I showed up to work that day.  But the details are all a blur.  And I SWEAR I didn’t get drunk every time I went out!  Who could live like that?

Well, it’s Saturday night.  The Trop has been closed for at least six years, the Red Fox has just changed owners, and I never recognize anyone at the Fish when I peek in while passing by  – usually pushing Rohan in the stroller.  This month marks the 7th anniversay of meeting Mike.   I still can’t believe he continued to date me after getting to know me my crazy ways. 

Now I’m sitting in our glider(!), spilling a martini Mike made me down my shirt and posting on a blog while Rohan is sleeping.

Seven years.  Awesome.

And so it begins (?)

December 30, 2008

OK – first post.  So intimidating.

What I’d like to accomplish with this blog:

1. Keep journal of Rohan – he’s two days shy of 11 months old and things are fuzzy.  Did he get his first tooth at 6 months or seven?  Five?  Does it even matter?  The cute things he does are fuzzy, too.

2. Start a record of my progress in learning how to use my husband’s D70.  I’d like to be able to help him with his biz, and I’d also like to stop asking him “will you take a picture of  (fill in the blank)?”

3. Figure out how to market myself as a web designer.  Do I even want to do that?  Not sure.  I am certainly not at a professional level yet, but maybe by working it out in my head by writing it down I will figure out if this is the direction I want to go.

4. Random musings (like all other blogs!).

That’s it for now.  I’ll figure it out as I go.